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About us

Global Linguists have rich experience translating a broad palette of subjects in business, science and industry into over 40 languages. Global Linguists has invested in building a network of two offices in Singapore and India.

Our two office locations provides us with the cultural insight into local business that is required to improve translation quality and produce culturally sensitive translations in high volumes. It also provides a critical local point of contact for many of our global customers.


Singapore Location


Because of Singapore’s unique geographic position as world’s gateway to Asia, its beautiful natural environment, its mild climate and many other benefits, Singapore is one of the most popular city countries for immigrants from other parts of the world.

It is a perfect place to base our firm with easy access to abundant resources of immigrant translators and interpreters, who are native speakers of various languages, living and working in an English-speaking environment. Most of the linguists have undergraduate and/or graduate education backgrounds in two or three countries. We are therefore in a unique position to draw on the multilingual and multicultural characteristics of Singapore and have translators versed in both source and target languages as well as related cultural issues.

India Location

India is a land of a variety of linguist communities, 18 languages are officially recognized in India.  Indian languages come from four distinct families, which are Indo-European, Dravidian, Mon-Khmer, and Sino-Tibetan.

Our Indian language experts are natives and studied in English medium schools. Most of them have a masters degree and have vast experience translating and interpreting in various Indian languages to English on a daily basis.





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